4 days in Italy – Cinque Terra

Because a picture’s worth a thousand words, I will tell you about my trip in the Cinque Terra with some photos. Be aware that a video will come soon !

Thank you to my dear friend @nouunette, for having the idea on the first place.

Let’s begin !
First, a map of where we were and where we went. We arrived at the Pise airport and drive to Lerici.
We were in a hotel in Lerici. So we had to take the boat to go visit the Cinque Terra. Here is a seagull, resting in the sun.
Let’s go to Monterosso !
We didn’t visit every Cinque Terra villages, but here’s what they look like from the boat !

And after 2 hours of boat, here is the Monterosso beach ! It was so hot we just spent our afternoon by the beach, swimming in the fresh sea.
Yes, we swam in this kind of water !
And we took the boat again to go visit Vernazza !
I had a mango gelato. It was, as you can imagine, delicious.
The next day, we took the boat again to go to Porto Venere.
Here is what it looks like. Beautiful you can say.
So we visited the village, had a little photoshoot with this seagull and had lunch.
And then, we discovered this. But … Manon we can’t see anything ! I know you are proud of your Italia cap, but come on !
Here, it’s better (sorry Manon), so we discovered this, a little creek !
After we discovered this beautiful place, we jumped in our swimsuit (that we already had on ourselves, to be honest) and dive in this amazingly clear and fresh water.
After a day swimming, we earn our last dinner, pizza (with Spritz and Gin tonic) !! I had to show at least one of thing we ate.
No filter ! The water looks like blue paint, isn’t it ?
For our last morning, we went on a beach near the hotel. Last dip before hitting the road to the airport !
Goodbye heaven !

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Cinque Terre in video – Part I

You can watch the video of the first part of my trip to Cinque Terra. Hope you’ll enjoy it !

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