About my projects #1

After 3 months spent uncertain of the path I wanted to follow, I have eventually found 4 concrete projects, on which I will be excited to be working on for the next the few months.

I realised that looking for the perfect idea is great, but to DO something, is better. So, I started to look for a simpler idea that I could execute quicker. For those who didn’t read « The four hours work week » by Tim Ferriss, (videos about it here and here) I’m talking about some sort of « muse ». For the others, I’m talking about finding a way to make money without spending too much time on it, which allows you to spend more time on biggest projects. We (my boyfriend and I) talked about this « muse » thing with a friend, and he had the simple idea we were looking for.
So here is the first project that we want to launch fast, in the beginning of February if everything goes well.

Another work to end by the end of February : create and set up a communication strategy for a book launch. It’s a first novel, published by the Éditions Abordables. And by the way, the author is my mother 😉
The launching party is the 20th of February, so until then I have to finish building the landing page, doing the influencers list (bloggers, YouTubers, book club, bookstores …) and contact them. I also have to prepare the socials networks posts.

We also have a long-term project : the company we created with my boyfriend, that we have to develop with some partners. I don’t think we have strong foundations yet, we are still at the research step. We talk a lot and don’t DO mutch, but with this awareness, things are going to change fast.

I can’t tell you much about the 4th project because it’s not mine. I don’t want to tell things I’m not supposed to, but let’s say that I was asked to take care of a website about food.

So, that’s what going on three months after I started this year of creation and discovery. I learn every day and I’ll say that in those 3 months, I mostly learned that think is necessary, of course, but it can’t overtake doing. It turns out that I’m an overthinking person, and it tends to block me because all that thinking brings out lots of reason not to do things (if you know what I mean).
Another thing, discussion about a project with people who don’t work on it or are willing to, is a great source of motivation ! You exchange point of views and ideas, you feel like you are going in the right direction, pure boost.
Now that we started, updates about those projects should come more often !

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The fear and the joy

The fear and the joy of living new things. We are officially staying in Amsterdam until December for sure. We also, officially, need money.

To know what you are good at.

Today, I’m going to talk about a realisation I had yesterday, about work and knowing what you are good at.

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