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Today, I’m talking about the muse that we are trying to create (we are three on the project). On the last article, I introduced you the ”muse“ concept. I didn’t tell you about what we were going to do exactly. Well, that wasn’t a bad idea because we changed our mind about what we were going to do. The first idea we had didn’t match what we wanted to sell after all. Originally, our objective was to sell something that, at least, doesn’t hurt the nature or the human, by its production and use. Ultimately, an ethical service or product.

So, for this first muse, we chose a product, that I will reveal you in a next article. What I can tell you about this product, is that its production is easy, because we want everything to be as easy as possible. We looked for a niche market, but as a matter of fact, the market we choose is also a trending market. Two reasons, some books about the market came out and some study about the harmfulness of some competitor product.

• Steps

We started by testing differents formats for the product, by hand, with what we had available. We selected two formats for the prototype production.

Then, we looked for a design. In accordance with the trendings of the market, we selected a style, and then I started to look for some ideas on Pinterest. That’s where I found two designs that I could buy on Etsy, that matched the style we wanted. As website template, I just had to buy a licence to use the design for selling.

The goal of this design and format selection was to test them. I will develop this thought in a moment. It turns out that during the prototype production, we realised that the smaller format was the best for some reasons that I will explain in a next article (when I could tell you about the product 😉 ). So we chose the keep a unique format, for now, and to only test the designs.

• Testing before selling

I was talking about testing the product. Actually, in the Tim Ferriss book, one of the steps for creating a “muse” is to test the service/product to know its selling potential before incurring the cost of producing.
So, we are going to invest in online ads (Facebook, Instagram …) and launch a website when you can “buy” the product. Thanks to the analytics, we will be able to know how many people are interested in the product. We will also know which on of the design people likes the most.
If the product isn’t liked, the test would save us from spending money in a useless production. The test cost less in time and money, that the failure of the product would.

Now we wait for the two prototypes, so we can take photos and start the ads.
I will let you know about the results in an upcoming article, as well as the nature of what we are selling !

What do you think about this testing method ?

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