Amsterdam here I am !

Like I was saying, here is a new post about Amsterdam ! I told you you would hear from me today too.

For three months I’m living the Amsterdam life.

I have a place for at least three months, but I don’t plan on getting back in France this soon. Even if it’s not entirely up to me. All of this depends on the money I will be able to make in the next month. Or more precisely, will I be able to make money by working from home, for myself (so not in a company). It’s my goal.

Now, I want to talk about how I feel now that I’m living abroad.

Even if Holland is only 3 hours away from Paris, it’s still abroad. Same continent, but new country, new language, new people, new lifestyle. I think that I can say that I finally understand what they say, when they talk about “getting out of your comfort zone”. It’s strange but in a very short amount of time, my minded opened to the possibility I have. Let me give you an example.
I’ve always lived in France, but it’s only when I’ve moved to another place, in Europe, that I realize that every country of this continent is reachable. I started to think “Well, this person is in Germany, I can go see her it’s not far.”. I never thought that when I was in France, yet from Paris, I could go anywhere. But the fact that I’ve already moved from my “home” was like a realisation for my brain : there is a lot I can do now that I’ve passed this first step.

And it’s the same feeling about work projects. I don’t feel that stuck anymore, this blog is a good example. The feeling of a new experience and the excitement of living it can really unlock some doors. I feel more inspired and I hope I can make something out of it. I’m not saying everything is perfect now, I’m not living in Wonderland, I know some good amount of work has to be done. I’m just saying I feel a lot better about this, because I feel good in this place.
The environment does not do everything, but it does a lot.
I also feel good thanks to some work I do on myself, but that’s for an other article !


I will like to keep a not too long format for further articles. Tell me if you like that idea.

If you are also living abroad, what did you felt the first weeks ?

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