Amsterdam where to eat ?

Here are some tips if you visit Amsterdam. I tested all of those places and been there more than once !

• Singel 404

Two ‘tartines’. One with veggies and mozzarella. The other with ham, cheddar and veggies.

A lunch cafe not too expensive where you can lunch, near the canals. Among other things, you can enjoy some « tartines », meaning bread, melt cheese on it with ham, chicken … and/or vegetables. You will also find some salads, nachos, club sandwich, pitas, eggs, fresh mint tea, smoothie and beer. The « tartine » are worth it.
Simple, good, great value. Vegetarian-friendly.

• Rose’s cantina

Delicious Nachos
Delicious Nachos !
Gin tonic Monkey 47
Great gin Monkey 47 and tonic Fever Tree.

Adresse : Reguliersdwarsstraat 38, 1017 BM Amsterdam
Mexican Restaurant/bar, where you should book a table if you want to have dinner, especially on the weekend. You will find here some nachos, enchiladas, empanadas, ceviches, tacos, great cocktails (I recommend you the gin and tonic) … Everything we’ve eaten here was good, however, the prices can be considered high.
I think it’s worth it because of the quality of the food, drinks and service. The place is really nice, you have a great decoration inside and a big patio for the summer behind the restaurant.
Vegetarian-friendly. If you want to have a look at the pricesRose’s website

• Buffet Van Odette

gin and tonic
Gin tonic (yes, I like gin tonic)
Veggie cake
Veggie “flan”

Address : Prinsengracht 598, 1017 KS Amsterdam
A lovely dutch restaurant where you can have breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner. The place is really pretty and has a little terrace. Simple, original and really good. You can find the menu on their website.
Try to book a table if you can, it’s possible to do so on the website. Vegetarian-friendly.

• Van stapele

best cookies in Amsterdam

Adresse : Heisteeg 4, 1012 WC Amsterdam
It’s simple, you will find here the best cookies of Amsterdam. Made before your eyes, if you enter the shop at the right moment. Don’t hesitate to go there early in the morning, there is often a line and sometimes no more cookies for the day.

• Toos & Roos

Source :

Adresse : Berenstraat 36, 1016 GH Amsterdam
Located in the 9 streets district (what I’m talking about), here is a lovely cafe where you can have breakfast or lunch. You will have the choice between some sandwiches, salads, soups, quiche, scrambled eggs and pancakes. Everything is homemade and most of the dishes are vegetarian.

Do you have other places that you liked in Amsterdam ?

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