Recycling wrapping paper

Here it comes the holidays season. Most of you are going to do offer gift, materials gifts, that will need wrap paper. But there is one thing, wrapping paper is pretty, festive … but also expensive and it requires to cut off lots of trees if you think about it.
I think there are other nice ways to wrap your presents that will hurt a little less nature and save you some money.

• Recycling

It’s a thing I do since I left my parent’s house. The main reason was that I didn’t have any wrapping paper at home, unlike my parents. So I use what’s available in my apartment.

– Newspapers or magazines: most of the time yo have one or two of these on your desk, just in case. Here is the occasion of finally using it! Moreover, with the pictures in the magazines, you will be able to customise your wrapping according to the person receiving the present.

– Paper bags: when you shop, most of the stores give you paper bags to carry your purchases. It’s time to give them a second life! With some scissors and tape, you can have a nice packaging. If the bag is simple, without any decorations, you can make your own with some coloured pen, post-it or anything you can use from your place. You can see the result of this type of packaging in the photo below.

Giftwrap paper
On the right I used a Lush paper bag, on the left I used a magazine page.

– Envelopes: One time I had to use a big envelope to wrap a last minute present. It works mostly for books, like a pocket, but also one piece of cloth, a DVD … You can leave the envelope as it is, or customise it like the paper bag.

– Tissue paper: You can find it in your shopping bag when you buy some lingerie or fragile objects. It will make a really pretty paper.

– The box in which the gift was delivered: being outside of a city, for now, I’ve order online almost all my presents. Some of them had the exact same size of the box, so I decided to use it has a wrapping paper. I removed the address sticker, closed back the box with some tape, not the big tape, the transparent one. I finished by decorating the box with coloured pens, coloured masking tape and by adding a beautiful piece of paper (that I got on Flow magazine) to hide the rest of the dress sticker and write a note on it.

– Any piece of paper you have in your house: as you can see in the photo below, I used a piece of paper that I found in on of my package to secure what was in. I also used some paper that was given by a magazine that I bought. Anything can be used !

Recycling paper
Recycling some paper I found on one of the box delivered to me.
Ongoing packaging

• Scarves or Furoshiki

A little bit more elaborate, this method allows you to make two gifts in one !
I discovered this wrapping technique with Lush. the brand offers this packaging method to wrap bath bomb. The point is to pack the present with the scarf by doing some knots and obtain an esthetic result. So, you offer the present and the scarf. If you don’t have any scarf or don’t want to buy one, you can also use scrape cloth of more recycling.
Here are some ways to proceed and what result you can get.

Furoshiki style
Furoshiki style (I tried)

Do you have any different ways of doing this ?

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