Expat life : Meeting people when you work from home

Living in a new place and being an expat, means making new contacts. Most of the time, you start with the place you work. But I work from home.

I’m not what you can call a social person. I’m kind of shy so it’s always an effort for me. So, if I’ve worked outside my house, I would probably settle with the people I met at work. But, because I like to make my life less easy, I work from home, with my boyfriend. I’m not really meeting anyone. So I had to do something about it, and my boyfriend and I subscribed to the app “Meet up“.

This app allows you choose what kind of “event” interest you : dance, business, language exchange, sport … And they propose you a number of groups on those subjects. You have now access to a number of events organised (for the majority of it) by or for expats.

So I went to HIIT class (what is it ?), I felt like suffering and sweating with someone could create a first connexion. Like, we’ve made it through this gym intense class together ! Anyway, that’s where I met 3 really nice expats ladies (Leah, Mia and Caroline). My first contacts you could say. I was so happy and proud that I pushed myself to go to this class and met people.

So that was the first step. Now I had a coffee with Caroline and we are going to spend an afternoon on a boat, in the Amsterdam canals (after note : it was so great). With Dorian, we are also going to an expat drink in the Pijp (in the south of Amsterdam).

What may seem like a scary step is actually easy. Because when you start by meeting expat people, you find yourself meeting people that are in the same position than you. They are in an unknown land, out of their comfort zone, so they are open to meet new people.

So if you’re planning on go and live in a different country or you already are, don’t be scared if I can do it I know you can! And I will say more than that, I think it’s easier to meet people in a new country than it is on your own.

Of course, that’s the actual situation, I’ve only been here for 3 weeks, so I’ll let you know how it evolves 😉

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