Film photography

A few month ago, I decided to retry a forgotten art, film photography #filmsnotdead. So I took my mother’s camera, a Minolta x-500, and here we go.
Yesterday, the photo lab gave my first films back, developed ! Places to develop films are not easy to find and they can be expensive. It turns out that I’m, for a few month, in the Basque Country and that’s where I found my photo lab. Strangely, it’s easier to find those outside of the big cities.

What’s fun about film photography, is that you wait for your photos a Christmas gift, you are not sure of what you will find in it ! You hope for one or two good surprises.
I had three films, unfortunately one was empty. I think I may have put too much light when I placed it, I’m not sure, but it’s okay, I learn after all. Two films with 36 frames and one with 12.

So, a lot of my photos are blurry, I have to be more careful with the focus. Maybe I have to wear my glasses even since I have astigmatism and I’m short-sighted.
But with films, the photo can be beautiful despite its defaults.

Reflection river
Le Perche, France
Urrugne, Pays basque

I’m quite happy about the light. I have neither overexposure nor underexposure.
I find that film give the colours a unique density and intensity. It’s like you see more than with digital.
I’m in love with film again. Apart from the differences that can be seen in the photos, the film makes it possible to find certain gestures and sensations which are much less present with the digital, especially with the compact ones. Looking through the viewfinder, the noise when you press to take the picture, the movement of the wheel to advance the film… Film photography requires taking your time since you can’t see the result immediately and there is a defined number of catches. You give more attention, shooting the photo is a decided act at a precise moment, you listen to your instinct. Film photography imposes to the photographer to be fully aware and in the present moment, while digital can simply prompt us to just shoot. I also use digital, of course, but I appreciate the film photography for its authenticity and the fact that it allows a real connection with what we see through the viewfinder.

Let’s see what surprises I found :

Moustache, the cat
Eres, the dog
Blue shading

If you have question about film photography, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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