Find the probleme and the solution

Like I was saying in my last #business post, to start a business, you have to find the idea for it. Actually, talking about an idea may be misleading because it’s not just that. It’s more about finding a solution to a problem that you’ve observed. So it’s not an illumination, even if it can happen I guess, but more of a research work. Some people find without an active search, but there is always some thinking about a viable business idea.
However, this is how I proceed for now to find my problem and solution.

I started by doing a list of the subjects which I find interesting to work on. Markets I’m passionate about or at least motivates me. I have a lot of interests, but I managed to choose three that are more or less connected, close to each other.
Once those markets/subjects selected, I search ways to learn more about them, but not just by Googling them, I wanted to LEARN and so I found MOOCs.

MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses, are free. There are multiple websites offering MOOC, some university offers theirs. After some research, I decided to test the platform Future Learn. Courses are in English and teachers are from all over the world.
I subscribed to two class : Food as medicine and Social Enterprise: Turning Ideas into Action.. Class are spread over 3 weeks. Each week, a content is available online, videos, articles, questions …
I started the first week class, for now I find it a little bit basic, but it’s the first part so maybe it is normal, it’s like an introduction. Switching from videos to article etc is nice and interesting !
I’m more motivate to work on those class than when I was in school because I chose them.
I will give you my thought at the end of the 3 weeks class and I will test some other platforms.

The bottom line is that at the very beginning of my class, some ideas came to me. Not necessarily good and viable ideas, but ideas anyway ! I’ve chosen subjects close to what I am trying to create but that I don’t know enough at the same time, so I can learn a thing or two and open my mind.
It worked !

See you next time, in a week !

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The fear and the joy

The fear and the joy of living new things. We are officially staying in Amsterdam until December for sure. We also, officially, need money.

To know what you are good at.

Today, I’m going to talk about a realisation I had yesterday, about work and knowing what you are good at.

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