First Step : Time

The first step of creating a business is to, find the business. It can take time.
That’s why I decided to give myself a year to find my idea, what I think would be a good business to start.
I’m not saying I’m idea-less, but it’s not clear enough.
The question is : What am I going to do exactly during this year to create this business ?
There is no good answer I think, but this how I see it, for me.

I will take the time to open my mind by traveling, testing and learning new things.
For example, I’m going to Japan with my boyfriend for 2 weeks in October. I started to learn chess and I’m planning on improving my english and my web developing skills.
I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone to get inspiration and know myself better. You can say that I’m trying to find a business idea by developing myself.

I will also do research and be aware of the economical, digital and business news, but it will not be the main part of my work.
Speaking about getting out of my comfort zone, I’m going to Lisbon, by myself, in a couple of days. It will be my first travel abroad, without anyone going with me.I will talk more about it in a next post, but it’s kind of a challenge for me and I admit that I’m a bit scared ( but that’s the all point 😉 ).

I’m giving myself time to figure out more about me and what kind of business I want to grow. It will be a journey of patience !

This conclude my second article, next time I’m going to tell you all about my trip to Lisboa. Why am I doing it alone and what impact these might have.

See you next time !

You can find me on my Instagram – Photo : Hiking La Chapelle by ©Suchoski

The fear and the joy

The fear and the joy of living new things. We are officially staying in Amsterdam until December for sure. We also, officially, need money.

To know what you are good at.

Today, I’m going to talk about a realisation I had yesterday, about work and knowing what you are good at.

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