To know what you are good at.

Today, I’m going to talk about a realisation I had yesterday, about work and knowing what you are good at.

So until yesterday, I was kind of lying to myself about what I’m are my strengths, my “qualifications”. I know how to do a little bit of everything, so I thought that I couldn’t really bring any value. My skills are the same as the other, and I know less.

Wow, I had a good vision of myself… I use the word “vision”, because it’s really about that, not about an opinion, I believe in myself, but I was unable to see and maybe accept what I’m natural and good at.
You see, from the longest time I saw myself as very shy and introvert. Scared to interact with others. But I wasn’t always like that. When I was a child, my mother used to say that “I was going to be a communicator” (if it’s a word in English?).
I guess the adolescence and life went by, and my self-confidence took a hit. I was now afraid to communicate, a thing I’ve done naturally when I was younger.

Now that I’m in another country and that I have to push myself to interact, it’s like riding a bike. Like when you don’t do it often you forgot how it is and you can become afraid of it. Now, my muscles remember how to do it, how nice and easy it is. To go deeper, I kind of reconnect with myself. I made friends, pretty easily, with pleasure, a thing I’ve never thought I could do. I forgot I could and knew how to do it. But I do now, which brings me back to the work part.

I thought wrong about my place in the business I’m trying to create. The result being: I was kind of anxious and sad about it. I’m not a developer, I can create a site with CMS yes, but I’m not enjoying it. I like to think about the design and the structure, but that’s not what I’m good at. That’s not what I’m enjoying doing.
I enjoy thinking about ways to communicate about what I do, ways to find customers, ways to interest them with what I do. I feel that’s what I’m naturally good at, even if I’m still afraid of go and talk to people sometimes. I also feel like this fear is a little less stronger every day. And I feel better since I think that way, so it must mean something.

So that’s how I feel now. Maybe it will change, but I think I’m on the right path.
I am still kind of shy and an introvert. But that doesn’t mean I’m not natural at communication ! I just do it differently.

As usual, it’s a condensed article, but it took me a while to write (it doesn’t seem like it I know haha). But you know, I prefer short and straight to point.

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