The fear and the joy

The fear and the joy of living new things.

We are officially staying in Amsterdam until December for sure. Joy.
We also, officially, need money. Fear.

I think I have to see it with an exiting point of view. Because I now have no excuses not to do. I have no choice, whatever I do, I have to do it quickly and well, so I don’t have to leave this city and life that I love.

You are maybe wondering how did we make it until now ? With no job ? We had (and still have) savings from past jobs. That’s how we managed to live without earning anything. But there is less and less money, we feel like it’s time.
And you can say it’s also a good thing. Because now we HAVE to do something, it’s an obligation, so the motivation is stronger.
I think that sometimes the lack of resources can be the trigger to move.

So I have some options. I still want to find an idea of something to create and sell, but it takes more time that I have. So in the meantime, I have to use the skills I’ve learned in school : doing websites and helping to build a digital presence.
It will not be regular money, but it will be enough. We (Dorian & I), are building a website to present what we do as I speak (write). I already did some business card that I gave to my contacts, so they will distribute them to the classes they go, or to some people that can be interested.

I’m communicating about it, I want to improve my game on social networks and I also want to try and do more videos on Youtube.
That’s the plan for now. And it procures both great joy and great fear.

But by just writing about it, I don’t really see why I should be afraid. It’s a simple plan, that gives me time to think about my other project. I ofter overthink about details of things and complexify everything. But I should just look at it as it is.
A plan, that will most likely work. And If it doesn’t, I will find something else. I have to focus on that.
On this positive and fearless vision. And doing a better job at trusting myself.

Sometimes all you need is to talk to someone else about that kind of things, without waiting for an answer, just put it out there. Or write about it, like I do now.

Do you happen feel like that too ? What is your situation ? How do you do to let the joy overcome the fear ?

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