A sunday weekly update 1

This week I’ve been trying to stick to my objectives.

I’ve subscribed to the gym I go every two days. At first, I was running 10 minutes with 5 pauses and difficulty. After a little more than a week I run 20 minutes with only 1 pause. I run 10 minutes straight ! It’s a big achievement for me because one month ago I didn’t even wanted to hear about running. It caused me pain in my back and my neck. So I’ve been working on my muscles by doing HIIT. And it worked because the only pain I feel now is the normal muscle soreness you feel after running.
I’m going to keep the 20 minutes until I feel I can do more, I will push little by little so I don’t get bored.

About the work.

I’ve been working hard on my Instagram profile and how to touch more people. It works, for now, I’ve gain 10 followers and more activity on my feed. The activity is important because, just earning follower is worthless if no one reacts and interact with your content. I’m not done yet, I have to keep doing more quality posts and interact with the platform users.

I also have a new website to build ! A sculptor who wants to redo her obsolete website. She wants to show her work, post some news and let people know when her classes are taking places. My mom is in her sculpture class and she told her about me. Never underestimate the power of family or friends talking about what you do. That’s why, if you want something you have to communicate about it, that’s how my mother knew that I was looking for clients.

Now the thought of the week.

I read an article on the magazine Flow : Why take your thoughts so seriously ?We tend to accept our thoughts as absolute truth, but [..] it’s okay to ignore them – and in fact, doing so can be quite liberating, because thoughts are just thoughts; they are not facts.”

I let you thought on that and I’ll be back with an article about this very interesting topic 😉

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The fear and the joy

The fear and the joy of living new things. We are officially staying in Amsterdam until December for sure. We also, officially, need money.

To know what you are good at.

Today, I’m going to talk about a realisation I had yesterday, about work and knowing what you are good at.

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