Where was I ?

Hi and welcome back (to me) !

Since the last time I posted, a lot happened, I am now back and it will last ! Promised.

Here is a little recap :

  • I now have my driving license ! (yay)
  • I moved back from the south-west of France to Paris in the end of June
  • I went to Vienna in Austria and in the Cinque Terra in Italy
  • I’ve continued working on the Gastronomie project
  • I started a new project that I will tell you about
  • And since the 4th of August, I live in Amsterdam ! (For at least three months, but I know it will be more)

So here I am, back, to tell you all about how it is to live abroad (spoiler alert: it’s great so far. And I know it’s only been a week … but still !), what it is like to work on differents things entrepreneur style (Oh yeah you know). As you can tell I am very excited about all of that and I think that’s why I wasn’t really into the blog until now, I hadn’t much to tell …

Also, has you may know, I’m French, English is not my first language so I will probably do some mistakes. But I will try really hard not to and if you see one, well tell me so I learn !

That’s all for this very short post, which is mostly an introduction for the next posts. And there will be one, very soon (maybe tomorrow even !)

So see you tomorrow, same place, same Marie.

Yes, it’s me striking a pose on the photo. It was in Italy. Amazing view on the other side of this wall by the way.

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Hey there

Hi and welcome to my first article !

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