Working for yourself

A week working for myself, what do I do ?

This summer I started a bullet journal, you can learn what it is here. Basically, it’s a journal that allows you to organise your month, week, day in a very flexible way. You can also write some lists in it, like books to read, videos ideas, research on bio or other subjects …).
Here’s mine :

bbullet journal
Japan stories

So, at the beginning of each week I write down on a page all the different things I have or I want to do in the week. My activities can be to write an article, something I want to try (bake a cake or start to learn chess) or even a book I want to start. It allows me to see the big picture, I won’t forget anything and I can organise my tasks by day.
My last week list :

to do of the week
Write an article, bake a cake, meditate, call the bank, clean the bedroom …

I did more than what’s on the list of course, and less too…

I try to have varied activities and that bring me something. But from time to time, more than I wish, to be honest, I do nothing. I watch Youtube and Netflix far more than necessary. When you want to do too much, you end up doing nothing. At first, since I’m free to what I want whenever I want, I decided that Saturday and Sunday were normal days, no weekend. Eventually, the only result is that, someday, I don’t do anything for more than just a weekend time. I maybe want to do too much, all the time and as a result, I don’t want to do anything. I decided to keep my activities on track and to let myself be during the weekend, and only the weekend. We are Wednesday and I already feel the effect of that decision, I wake up more easily and I get less distracted since I know I will have the weekend to do less.

But there is more. Since I’m outside any ’structure’ and I decide for everything, I tend to doubt myself, I question everything I do and how I do it. I have to find balance, to have breaks without guilt. With time, I have a better understanding of the way I function. The NaNoWriMo challenge is a good example (you can find my article about it here). It’s typically something really hard for me to do. I skip a lot of writing days, a lot. I realise that being regular when doing a creative task is difficult for me. I also know now that I . The inspiration as to be there, I can’t just write whenever I want to.

It’s okay to go step by step and that the important thing is to find what suits me and find my rhythm.

If you are in the same situation, tell me about it. What are your difficulties or tricks ?

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