On the fact that your thoughts don’t always define who you are

As I was saying in my last post : Weekly update, I read an article on the magazine Flow, the title was :
Why take your thoughts so seriously ?

“We tend to accept our thoughts as absolute truth, but [..] it’s okay to ignore then – and in fact, doing so can be quite liberating, because thoughts are just thoughts; they are not facts.”

It’s funny because I’m re-reading The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy by Laurent Gounelle, and this article is quite connected to what the book is saying.
Everything is a question of perspective and our life is based on our beliefs. And our beliefs don’t just link to what we live and how we decided to look at what we are living, but also to what we think.
You know the voice in your head, the voice of your thinking, well sometimes the voice is not nice to you. The voice says things that you don’t want to think, it says things that destabilize you. And you think that, if you think it, it must be true, it must be your truth.

Well not necessarily. We tend not to dissociate what we think and what we are, because our personality is tight to our mind : “I think therefore I am”. But, don’t you ever have acted against what you thought ? Or even without thinking ?
Sometimes you feel down or you are scared, so your mind creates thoughts such as : you suck, you’re never going to make it, you don’t have the talent or the courage … But is it true ? Do you suck ? Will you never succeed on what you want to succeed ? No, isn’t it ? Because when you get out of this state of mine, you act on what you have to and you change the way you thought.
So thoughts are not absolutes, they don’t define you, they don’t create your life, but action does. On the other hand, you may say that we are defined by what we do.

So, you don’t have to believe everything you thought. Actually, it’s what meditation trying to make us understand. When it says “Let your thoughts come and go, observe them, don’t judge them, just let them be”; it means that thoughts are just thoughts, not reality and you can observe them and decide to believe them, or not.
It’s a matter of choice and be able to step back, which does not come naturally, but can help us to be better with ourselves.

What do you think about that ? Do you have that kind on reflexion about yourself and your thoughts ? I think it’s very an interesting subject, do you want to talk more about subjects like that ?

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